iZombie Chronicles: Vancouver

The last (and only) time I traveled to Vancouver was in 2012, to film Psych. Exactly three years later, I find myself here again and am just as smitten with this marvelous city as I was the first time. It's simultaneously an international metropolis that flaunts its diversity of languages & cultures, and a charming Pacific Northwestern town that feels geographically small and classically Canadian. Perhaps it's the water surrounding the city or the snow-capped mountains in the distance, but there is a sense of quiet here that escapes me in other urban landscapes. I'm here filming iZombie, and on my days off I've taken to wandering the city on foot (the best way to experience Vancouver, in my opinion). This crisp, fall weather is perfect for exploring. Some of my favorite discoveries include: Granville Island, the Stanley Park Seawall, Gastown and of course the food, which deserves a post all its own (pro tip: soup dumplings and/or ramen for lunch, and Tavola (Italian) or Blue Water Cafe (oysters!) for dinner.