A Joshua Tree Birthday

My dear friend Lindsay recently moved to Joshua Tree, a desert town I had driven through on the way to Palm Springs, heard about from countless people and recognized from the U2 album title, but had never actually visited. I'm here to report that the trip is worth it and that you should go as soon as possible. The landscape is incredible: stretches of sand dappled with smooth, round rocks & boulders that make you feel like you're on the surface of a different planet. And then, of course, there are the Joshua trees: twisted, spiky shrubs that feel more Dr. Seuss than Mojave Desert. Highlights of the weekend included an epic afternoon hike and a Patty Griffin concert at Pappy & Harriet's in nearby Pioneertown. The stargazing after nightfall is not to be believed. I'm normally more of an ocean person, but there is something deeply spiritual about the desert landscape. I mean, watch out for scorpions and bring plenty of water, but... it was my birthday weekend and I am a Scorpio, which is a water sign, so... somehow it all made sense?